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WordPress Free Plugins Setup Detailed Explanations - Free Blogging Tutorials Part - 4


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Jai Hind!

Hi Friend, Welcome to my Blogging Tutorial Series Part 4, In this video, I have explained best and basic free plugins complete setup, you must watch this video to get a detailed understanding of WordPress Dashboard, WordPress Plugins Setup and why we use WordPress Plugins.

Before watching this I urge you to watch previous parts of my free blogging tutorial series where I have explained in details that how you can buy a free domain and a paid domain and I have tried to cover all steps from scratch that how you can purchase a free google cloud hosting and setup, how to install WordPress in Google Cloud Hosting, How to link NameServers from Cloud Hosting to your Domain. Do Subscribe you are notified immediately so you are updated with zero competition keywords and latest blogging tips and start earning a good amount from blogging.

Google Cloud Hosting URL: https://cloud.google.com/free/

This is one of the best cheap hosting India and cheap hosting for WordPress which actually free hosting. Google is now giving you a free platform or free cloud platform where you can install, deploy cloud applications and use for yourself or for your clients.

This free hosting from Google is really very helpful for new bloggers who just started blogging and do not want to invest more as they are now in a learning stage or also useful for them who are not actually earning currently from their blogs but they want to continue with a free hosting website.

Blogs are very powerful and they can be very beneficial if you wish to earn from home or want to work online from home.

I am not sure on YouTube if there are many channel teaching but I think education is free and has to be free. So I am here going to create an end to end YouTube Blogging Series where I will show you how to purchase niche specific domain and how to purchase a free domain, how to purchase a free hosting plan, how to create and set up free WordPress, how to download and install free Wordpress theme, Basic and free Wordpress Plugins, How to customize Wordpress Theme, How to create an Account on Amazon Affiliate for free, how to monetize your blog, and how to write a blog and how to make your website or blog live.

I will try to cover all the blogging tips as well.

Thanks for your love, please do like, comment, share, and Subscribe and press the bell icon you get the instant notifications

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URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP6b...

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