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Prolonged Fasting Weight Loss Plan + Free Fasting App

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I am joining the Big John on a prolonged fasting weight loss plan. He is going for a long time. I am aiming for 7, 11, or 30 days whichever I can push myself to do. Prolonged fasting is not easy.

Do Not Click https://bit.ly/2SCrKKY

There is a free fasting app that he is hosting the group fast on. It is called life fasting app and his fasting group is called The Fasting Super Friends.

I will be doing prolonged fasting weight lifting and cardio. If I don't feel well I will slow down the fasting and exercising and just fast.

It is important to get your electrolytes in while doing the prolonged water fast.

Please subscribe and follow my fasting weight loss journey where I will continue to use different fasting weight loss diet plans to lose weight.

My favorites are the snake diet, water fasting with supplements, intermittent fasting and OMAD.

Check out the Big John's The Fasting Fatman channel and this video about the group fast

The Fasting Fatman is my favorite channel for fasting.

I got my start and introduction from Cole Robinson the creator of The Snake Diet. I use his fasting electrolyte drink formula called snake juice. It consists of a liter of water, no salt, pink himalayan salt and baking soda. It is so important to get these nutrients in during your fast.

#fasting #weightlossjourney #waterfasting

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