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Debt-Free Degree Town Hall (LIVE)

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To help spread the message of hope during this national student loan crisis, bestselling authors Dave Ramsey and Anthony ONeal are hosting a special Debt-Free Degree Town Hall at Ramsey Solutions’ brand-new headquarters.

Together, they will be answering questions and debunking the myth that you need student loans to go to college. You will have the opportunity to hear real stories from real people who have done just that. Plus, you’ll be able to join Anthony as he kicks off his Debt-Free Degree book tour with the first official book signing.

The average college graduate walks away with $35,000 in student loan debt. This is NOT okay. A college education is supposed to prepare your kids for their future, not rob them of their paycheck for decades. It's time to be intentional about the future—starting now!

- Preorder Anthony’s new book Debt Free Degree and get over $40 in FREE items: http://bit.ly/2LRT60m

- Check out Anthony’s new Debt-Free Degree Scholarship Search: http://bit.ly/2NR3RjB

- For more from Anthony, subscribe to his YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/2MXJFwB

- Try out Anthony’s new Debt-Free Degree College Calculator: http://bit.ly/2MVI9v1

Learn more about Anthony on his website: http://bit.ly/2NQqbcX

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